Friday, April 6, 2007

What can I do?

Recently there is a flood of envirospeak by various politicians. Obviously they are responding to reports proving that news around climate change is anything but good by organizations like the UN Climate Panel.
I am having a really hard time with this. Politicians like John Kerry or Al Gore just rub me the wrong way because their job title has the word POLITICIAN in it. Something like the environment (that word is even making me nauseous because of the abuse it is receiving lately) getting mixed up with people who tend to tell whatever they think might sound good to the public for votes or money from their up and coming best seller. Yesterday I almost lost my lunch listening to Teresa Heinz and John Kerry spew the same old shit about a greener world and the subject of environment. I want to share this photo to put more puke in this paragraph.

I apologize for my negative attitude, but when politicians pretend to represent causes near and dear to our hearts, I start to worry. I am sick of hearing the same rhetoric over and over followed by larger than life solutions. Cut carbon emissions, buy a hybrid. How about following a vegan diet? That is something you can take charge of THREE times a day. How about CONSUMING LESS junk? How about NOT taking a bag at the store when you buy one item? How about spending 10 minutes at the coffee shop to relax and drink your latte out of a mug instead of wasting a paper cup, sleeve, and plastic top every day (maybe 2 or 3 times per day!?) How about shopping for recycled clothing, not buying junk on sale just because its on sale? How about a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones?
Okay, so today I can claim these activities as MY contribution to consuming LESS.
1. Vegan meal for breakfast, lunch (consumed at home, on a plate, no waste)
2. Unplugged items around the house that do not need to be running today (computer, television/cable box, toaster, cell phone/computer chargers, heater off)
3. Donated clothing, side table and pillows to the local thrift store to be reused by someone else.
4. Walked the dogs on a local trail to avoid driving to dog park.
5. Shopping at whole foods for as many LOCAL foods I can for a party tomorrow.
6. Didn't run the water while brushing teeth (this is a bad habit of mine)
What are you doing daily to prove that your choices are of conscious mind?

Give me some EVERYDAY solutions that I can put to use please!!!!

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