Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday facts

This week drummed up quite a selection of topics for a food studier like myself. First, Burger King and their noble decision to try to include as much as they can of cage free eggs onto their breakfast sandwiches in addition to purchasing a small amount pork from sows that are allowed to move around instead of being chained and caged up. They admit that the amount they would need to fulfill demand is high, so they are starting with what can be supplied in hopes that more farmers will stand up to the challenge and change their ways. YAY for the King! Its crazy how these HUGE companies have the power to change the state of our farms and lives of animals everywhere. WHY NOT choose the noble way? They also mention that this NOT a marketing ploy, they just wanted to try to be ahead of the curve when it comes to what their customers want. Hey, whatever, keep up the good work.
AGAIN, Milk is getting a bad rap. Read this from the FREE MARKET NEWS website:
Thursday, March 29, 2007 -

Got milk? Don't drink it until you have read this article.

First of all. Milk doesn't taste like it did in grandma's day. It is homogenized and pasteurized. That has been assumed to make milk one of our safest foods. Not so, according to a new study in Vegan Outreach.
Food borne diseases are found in milk. The CDC estimates that 97% of food borne diseases come from animal foods. Thousands die each year from these diseases.
One result of food borne disease is arthritis. Another feared complication of food borne disease is Guillain-Barre syndrome where paralysis and-or death occurs.
Crohn's Disease affects a half million Americans with severe symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fevers. This disease lasts a lifetime. Crohn's Disease comes from bacteria in milk.
Patricia Doyle of the International Society for Infectious Diseases recommends rice milk as substitute for cow's milk. Ultra High Temperature processed milk is available in most supermarkets.

Get a good laugh at this Lindy West article from a newspaper called "The Stranger" which is circulated in Seattle. Its a hilarious account of a trip to the Vegetarian Fair called EVERYTHING GONE GREEN.
Here is my favorite part of the article, the very end.
"A lot of people like to hate on vegetarians because, obviously, a lot of vegetarians are annoying. Wearing a T-shirt that says "LICK ME, I'M VEGAN!" is annoying. Soy cheese is annoying. Giving a person a stinky, judgy eyeball because maybe they tried a McGriddle once as a joke and it turned out to be totally good and they like to secretly eat one on the way to work once in a while, but this time they forgot to dispose of the evidence before you got in the car, is annoying. (And if you object to my meat mobile so much, maybe next time you can hitch a ride on the tofu truck, Judgy "Judge Reinhold" Judge-face.)
But guess what? Most of every segment of the population is annoying, including the carnivorous ones. Rush Limbaugh (way more annoying than homeopathic medicine) eats at least 17 steaks a day. Mosquitoes (did you know that "mosquito" means "annoying" in Latin?) regularly gorge themselves on the blood of innocent human babies. And it's a widely accepted fact that Hilary Duff literally devoured her own sister, Haylie Duff, mistaking her for a smoky glazed ham, and replaced her with a less argumentative animatronic robot. Annoying! So until you haters can prove to me that vegetarians are statistically more annoying than the rest of us, I'm staying staunchly on their side. What can I say? I've got a soft spot for the veggie little bastards. At least as long as they keep giving me free cookies."

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