Monday, October 29, 2007

Strange Days

I still feel outnumbered when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle. I ask myself every day why there are not more people in my camp. I am nobody special. I don't use some magic powers to avoid animal products. I easily shop for clothing and shoes without cruelty. I enjoy my soy latte just like the dairy slurpers do. I can go to most restaurants and order a decent meal even if it consists of tidbits of sides.
I do feel hopeful though, as this weekend I stumbled upon a story about a MEGATREND of vegan children. Apparently Moms N Dads are frightened of animal products and the junk that rides sidesaddle with them. Some delightful examples are pesticides, e-coli, and additives that plump up the meat. Jim Cramer of CNBC is responsible for noting this trend. 3 million children don't eat meat in America? I guess I am not alone after all! Read more here.
There was also an interesting article about the importance of buying organic I read this morning. This specific study proves that organics have better impact on your health than conventionally grown items. Read more here.
Lastly, how great is a good old pb&j sometimes? Damn it hits the spot when feeling lazy and wanting a sweet treat. I love creamy pb from Whole Foods (organic of course) and some mixed berry jelly without the stupid seeds on some yummy 5 grain sourdough. MMMMM!