Sunday, November 25, 2007


I might be an odd specimen. I tend to go through stages when I have really strong cravings for foods that are not exactly high on people's lists of desirables. From about June to August I desperately needed spinach in my lunch and/or dinner. The last couple of months I have been SO obsessed with Dinosaur Kale. I suppose I am needed iron or something, but I find it funny that something green and leafy can make me so happy!
Vegetarians tend to share their bouts with gas. I find gas to be funny, and my husband and I get a good laugh when discussing or hearing it. I noticed when I was pregnant, I rarely had gas. I don't have any idea why that is. Even now, 6 months after having my baby girl, I still don't get gas as often as I used to. I remember EVERYTHING giving me gas to the point of thinking I had a real problem. Even Gas X didn't solve the problem. I am shocked that I can eat onions and garlic in dishes that I make and not have an issue afterward! Garlic is another craving I have been experiencing lately. YUM!
My best friend on the other hand (who is vegan) was extremely ill for about a week with pain in her lungs and overall just feeling horribly. The last straw was her arm going numb. Thinking she needed to boost her immunity, she was downing ridiculous amounts of garlic. After rushing herself to the ER, the doctor discovered that she had an allergy. She is allergic to GARLIC! No more Wildwood Aioli for poor Michelle.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yay Natalie Portman!

As I crawled into bed last night, I decided to read my latest issue of Teen Vogue that arrived in my mailbox earlier that day. I will NOT renew my subscription when it runs out, however, because it makes me sick how they go about advertising to teens. Is it just me or were we targeted to buy $1000+ purses in 1988? Scary.
Fortunately, something good comes of this over the top rag this month because Natalie Portman is on the cover. The editor explains how NP will not wear fur or leather, so they had plenty of some vegan brand of shoes on hand. I LOVE reading that in a magazine that girls pull their beliefs and behaviors from.
I know, I am 32 and shouldn't be reading a teen magazine to begin with. I DO read other periodicals of quality such as the NY Times. Sunday's paper featured various vegetarian restaurant reviews centered in San Francisco. Even though I live in SF, I do like to check out where veg out of towner's come to eat when they are visiting. The article covers the sad fact that 1 in 100 restaurants in San Francisco are vegetarian. I always feel that SF is undermining their cruelty-free residents by no offering more options when eating out. Its interesting that someone visiting makes that point! Anyway, the usual suspects are patronized. Millennium, Greens (which has always been just OKAY in my opinion), Herbivore and Cafe Gratitude. Reading about their meals made me hungry. Check it out if you want to visit San Francisco and you are veg curious!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Absurdity at its finest

I don't know if you have seen the commercial for this incredibly wasteful and odd new product ironically called "One's" (I think TWO'S would be more appropriate considering they are prunes) but there is one spectacularly ridiculous quote by a "hip teen" which is: OH, THAT IS SOOOOO COOOL!

I am not quite sure that ANYONE would call an individually wrapped laxative snack SO COOL. The commercial features a representative passing out samples and of course getting nothing but extraordinary reviews.

As with many products on the market these days, I wonder where this idea came from. Who, in the right mind during this time of eco-awareness, decided to create more waste than the prunes do in the toilet by wrapping each one individually in plastic? I am sure whoever it was is going to be wondering where their job went in a couple months.