Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yay Natalie Portman!

As I crawled into bed last night, I decided to read my latest issue of Teen Vogue that arrived in my mailbox earlier that day. I will NOT renew my subscription when it runs out, however, because it makes me sick how they go about advertising to teens. Is it just me or were we targeted to buy $1000+ purses in 1988? Scary.
Fortunately, something good comes of this over the top rag this month because Natalie Portman is on the cover. The editor explains how NP will not wear fur or leather, so they had plenty of some vegan brand of shoes on hand. I LOVE reading that in a magazine that girls pull their beliefs and behaviors from.
I know, I am 32 and shouldn't be reading a teen magazine to begin with. I DO read other periodicals of quality such as the NY Times. Sunday's paper featured various vegetarian restaurant reviews centered in San Francisco. Even though I live in SF, I do like to check out where veg out of towner's come to eat when they are visiting. The article covers the sad fact that 1 in 100 restaurants in San Francisco are vegetarian. I always feel that SF is undermining their cruelty-free residents by no offering more options when eating out. Its interesting that someone visiting makes that point! Anyway, the usual suspects are patronized. Millennium, Greens (which has always been just OKAY in my opinion), Herbivore and Cafe Gratitude. Reading about their meals made me hungry. Check it out if you want to visit San Francisco and you are veg curious!

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salmonpoetry said...

there is a good little veggie restaurant in berkeley, at the top of university avenue near the campus, called the Veggie House by locals, and something resembling that on the front marquee. this is not upscale dining by any means, but for those who like dim sum and don't want to be grossed out by things like duck webs and animal entrails not to mention pork on their plates, the veggie house makes a mean selection of vegan potstickers, and has vegan versions of almost every chinese dish you can imagine. in keeping with its lowbrow image, it's also dirt cheap, another great plus.
another good out of the way veggie food stop is green gulch over in marin, where they have tasty vegetarian treats following the morning meditation and talk.