Sunday, November 25, 2007


I might be an odd specimen. I tend to go through stages when I have really strong cravings for foods that are not exactly high on people's lists of desirables. From about June to August I desperately needed spinach in my lunch and/or dinner. The last couple of months I have been SO obsessed with Dinosaur Kale. I suppose I am needed iron or something, but I find it funny that something green and leafy can make me so happy!
Vegetarians tend to share their bouts with gas. I find gas to be funny, and my husband and I get a good laugh when discussing or hearing it. I noticed when I was pregnant, I rarely had gas. I don't have any idea why that is. Even now, 6 months after having my baby girl, I still don't get gas as often as I used to. I remember EVERYTHING giving me gas to the point of thinking I had a real problem. Even Gas X didn't solve the problem. I am shocked that I can eat onions and garlic in dishes that I make and not have an issue afterward! Garlic is another craving I have been experiencing lately. YUM!
My best friend on the other hand (who is vegan) was extremely ill for about a week with pain in her lungs and overall just feeling horribly. The last straw was her arm going numb. Thinking she needed to boost her immunity, she was downing ridiculous amounts of garlic. After rushing herself to the ER, the doctor discovered that she had an allergy. She is allergic to GARLIC! No more Wildwood Aioli for poor Michelle.

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salmonpoetry said...

somehow i ran across your blog, and it is an amazing coincidence- i am experiencing the exact same cravings these days! it must be the season. just this afternoon, i ate an entire head of roasted garlic, and wondered what had come over me. i've been roasting garlic every couple of days or so just so i can have it at the ready when i need it.
and dinosaur kale! i have been considering whether i need therapy, as i am subjecting my 5 yr old daughter to daily doses of kale (in keeping with teaching her about seasonal foods) and have been cutting pictures of dinosaur kale out of seed catalogs. i have been thinking to do a post in my blog on kale as it is such an underrated being on this planet, i believe.