Wednesday, March 7, 2007

VEG Food Attitude, Movie, Morningstar - Egg on their Face

I LOVE this article! "Vegan Dishes PETA offers to Cook for Al Gore"
Fried "Chicken", Collard Greens, Creamy Chive Mashed Potatoes, Chickenless Gravy, and American Apple Pie! Sorry Al, you can't be a meat-eating environmentalist.

Morningstar Farms serves up plenty of vegetarian alternatives to frozen food snacks like buffalo wings and veggie burgers. Unfortunately they use eggs in almost all of their products. Lets work together and coerce them to STOP using eggs. They get their eggs from chickens mistreated and kept in battery cages. Shameful. Here is what we can do to stop this!

Please contact Morningstar Farms® and politely request that they remove eggs from their products. Let them know one of their biggest competitors, Gardenburger®, has already made this decision for all but one of its products.

1. Submit Your Comments Online
Send your polite and thoughtful comments directly to Morningstar Farms® using our online form.
2. Make a Call: 1-800-962-1413
Call Kellogg®’s customer feedback hotline at 1-800-962-1413, Mon. thru Thurs. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. or Fri. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m, Eastern Standard Time.
1. Say: “Representative.”
2. Press 2 for product information
3. Press 1 for general inquiries
3. Write a Letter to:
Morningstar Farms®
c/o Kellogg® Consumer Affairs
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Thank you so much! Our efforts can help free many hens from horrible lives in battery cages.

Want to see a cool movie in San Jose at Cinequest 2007? Read this review:
Blood Car
(U.S.; 75 min.) In some ways, my favorite film at Cinequest. Is there anything worse than a filmmaker who goes in for violence and neglects the sex? Fortunately, Atlanta maniac Alex Orr's Little Shop of Horrors-ish midnight-movie gives his audience both barrels. In the near future, gasoline is $38 a gallon. Archie Andrews (Mike Brune) is a gentle vegan school teacher who is trying to solve our fossil fuel addiction. Aided by Lorraine (Anna Chlumsky) at the wheat-grass stand, he's just about perfected an engine that runs on chlorophyll, but it turns out that human blood is the only catalyst that makes the fuel work. Archie descends into a one-way spiral of madness as he feeds innocent humans into his car. And his conscience is numbed by the sexual excesses of Lorraine's rival, the hot-pantsed female butcher Denise (Kate Rowlett). And then the government finds out about the blood-powered automobile. Believe it or not, Orr makes the murders and the love triangle so diverting that the no-blood-for-oil message is never as obvious as it might seem. Rowlett and Chlumsky are so much fun—savor the vegetarian girl's batty flirting, in contrast with Rowlett's old-time bad-girl dialogue: "I'm sick of stalkers. Damn sick of them. And if I don't let you buy me food or let you [unprintable sexual act] me, you'll be in the bushes with the rest of them, crying and whacking off every time you get two beers in you." Plays with short If I See Randy... (RvB) (Mar 2, 10:30pm, SJ-Rep; Mar 4, 8:30pm, C12, Mar 10, 1:30pm, C12)

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