Monday, April 16, 2007

We enjoyed a fully vegan baby shower with our closest friends yesterday. My best friend Michelle manufactured a huge amount of lasagne, garlic bread, salad and appetizers like a professional while my sis and brother in law brought cakes from a bakery in Berkeley called LUST, a vegan bakery. We had a lemon frosted spiced poppy seed cake of sorts that was unbelievably delicious. The other cake was chocolate with peanut butter laced in between each layer. The cakes looked as amazing as they tasted, so vegans and non-vegans, go to Micky to bake your cakes for any occasion.
I feel unbelievably lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful group of friends and family. I notice when the plan is to throw a vegan party, many complement the menu and want to know more about the ingredients and recipes. There is a curiosity that comes along with trying new things, especially delicious food! My friend Melissa is so excited about this blog and about veganism in general. She left our party and bought 5 books on the subject and contacted me with additional questions. I cannot tell you how great this makes me feel. I don't need to do anything extra, its just another day for me, but people notice whether I realize it or not!
I know you have heard enough of this pet food recall already, but I thought I would direct you to a great article on the WHOLE DOG JOURNAL website that tells you how to choose a food for your dog. I just read that another food was recalled, Natural Balance Venison and Rice dry dog food.
Another random tidbit, do you ride motorcycles? Well, check this out! Vegan motorcycle gear!