Monday, April 9, 2007

Vegan "Fashion"

Excuse me for not standing up for my kind, but I can't help but be suspicious of all of this press on vegan fashion. Often you will see the words, "oxymoron" or "crunchy" or "impossible." I suppose I am misinterpreting these articles for advice when they are really just giving soft hints that vegans have absolutely no fashion sense. Let me guess, yeah, she is a chubby tie died chick who wears hemp sandals and her best friend is her dog. WHAT? Okay, I am sure there are a couple vegans who fit this description but I am here to let you know that there is variety in the vegan community.
Lest I remind you that "dressing vegan" is easy. Go to any store, cross leather, wool and fur off yer list. A recent interview I read was with a vegan image consultant. READ: Vegan Bullshit Consultant. Honestly, it just goes against the whole idea of being vegan. I think most of us are aware of what we buy and consume less than the average American. I am not sure people need help in the clothing department when it comes to creating JUST the perfect vegan image.
I must admit, some stores are better than others when it comes to shopping for vegan goods. Where to look is more important that what to look for. I wouldn't recommend shopping on vegan websites for clothing. Catalogs like Delia's or affordable stores like Payless feature some pretty fashionable items! American Apparel has some great items for comfy clothing that is made locally without the guilt of sweatshop action. I love Forever 21, but I am frightened to find out how and where their clothing is manufactured. Ebay is a GREAT resource for vegan shoes and vintage and recycled clothing.
Sorry for being so skeptical of my fellow vegan friends, but its just so American to focus on fashion instead of the bigger issue(s). Factory farming, addiction to cheap food, pollution, etc.

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