Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My favorite vegan items!

I think after that last post, a list of vegan goodies is totally in order.

Food Items:
FABE's vegan mini cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter are both delicious.

Hip Whip - Now and Zen's non dairy whipped cream in the freezer section

Kettle Chips - Sea Salt and Vinegar or Organic Salted
Tofutti Ice Creams - Wildberry and Chocolate Almond Bark and the Cookie flavored one
GREEN bars - nutrition bars that are so tasty and good for you!
Whole Foods Bulk Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
Wildwood Tofu Veggie Patties - in the refrigerated aisle
Tofutti Cream Cheese substitute
Amy's Frozen Vegan Pizza - it has such a unique flavor! no cheese!
Hint Pomogranite/Tangerine water
Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate mousse!
La Brea Rosemary Fresh Baked Bread

Pink Spike t-shirts and more! All Animal prints, so soft, great fit and donations are made regularly to animal charities/causes. Run by VEGANS! www.pinkspike.net

Little Otsu tee's - http://www.littleotsu.com/catalog/index.php

Belts, Wallets, purses: Alternative outfitters


www.ebay.com (vintage and vegan!)

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