Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dell wants to plant trees

I think the stoner dude that used to be in the Dell ads must be consulting them towards "greener" practices.
Michael S. Dell, gave a speech yesterday urging the electronic industry to foster the planting of trees to offset the effect on the environment of the energy consumed by the devices they make.
"Plant a Tree for Me" is a new program started by Dell. Customers are asked to donate $2 for every notebook computer they buy and $6 for every PC, which will be given to the Conservation Fund and the Carbonfund, two non-profit groups that promote ways to reduce or offset carbon emissions, to buy and plant trees.
Dell promises to cover the administrative costs involved in the program. Dell also offers free recycling of their old computers. They are on track to complete their goal of recycling 275 million pounds of old computers from customers by 2009.
Hey, more power to them. Stating a specific goal AND making an effort to physically do something about tech pollution. This is timely news since I just posted about recycling technological items a few days ago.

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