Friday, February 2, 2007

Tints of Nature Hair Coloring

Here I am as your guinea pig for a new brand of "organic, natural hair coloring" called Tints of Nature. I bought it at Elephant Pharmacy but I know its available at some Whole Foods stores. My hair to start was dark brownish black, faded from a blue black with some ash blond roots. My natural hair color is light, but I prefer other colors to my own!
My goal was to get a nice light brown with some gold red tones. Of the selection of colors T.O.N. offers (quite a few actually), none looked as if they fit that description so I decided to lighten my whole head and then put in a reddish color. There are two lighteners available. One is for dark brown hair and the other is for light brown. I started with a box of the dark brown to blond and quickly figured out that there was NO WAY the amount of the mixture was going to cover my entire head. I tried, but came out with a spotty leopard look of copper and dark brown and some lighter blond. Not pretty. Last night I used the lightening kit which is recommended for lighter brown to blond and covered the spots that were still fairly dark that I apparently missed. It did the job, but boy was I nervous having to "spot check" every little dark area on my head.
This morning I am using the red to cover my whole head. Its quite bright, I like the brighter reds because reds seem to fade easily.
So, here are my recommendations.
1. If using the lightening options, be sure to buy 2 kits if you have chin length or longer hair. That stuff just sucks up into your hair and isn't easy to spread around.
2. Buy another applicator brush if you plan to lighten your entire head. The brush that comes with it is for highlighting and is a real pain if you are doing an overall job.
3. Follow the directions and be sure to do your ends before your roots when you have super dark hair. But remember to do your roots because the end result will be some greyish brown roots with yellowish blond copper in the rest of your hair.

I am not a professional, so take these suggestions as my experience and hopefully they will help you when you decide to try this stuff out. The good thing is its free of ammonia and parabens and is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! You will notice that the lightener doesn't burn like most do. The smells are pleasant instead of harsh. The other ingredients they use are organic.
Check out their website here:


madeinalaska said...

ohhh.. I have never died my hair and now at last... it is turning gray- which naturally makes me think.. hmmmm.. I am scared though.. maybe one of these boxes would help huh??? my Mother is of course my most critical and biggest advocate.... hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

just tried the ok,but my hair is chin length but thick,and i really coulda used more product..might have to buy another box[27$] to finish it..might be cheaper to get a holistic hairdresser....amanitakrisa