Thursday, February 8, 2007

My New Favorite Lunch Spot

I posted yesterday feeling a wee bit sad and left out when it comes to suitable meals for vegans. My vegan tank was refueled today as I approached the menu board at FRJTZ in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. A new location will open at 590 Valencia soon. Frjtz features belgian fries, crepes, sandwiches, salads, tea and art! Apparently DJ's spin there too in the p.m. I experienced shock and awe when reading the enticing ingredients of the BOSCH salad. Spring mix with quinoa, veggie salami, green onion, tomato, avocado, mango, cilantro dressed with a TASTY AS HECK tangerine-balsamic vinaigrette. I ordered that masterpiece alongside a small order of fries with white truffle oil and artichoke truffle ketchup. The ketchup is heavenly! They have roughly 22 dipping sauces for the fries, 7 of which are mayo based but the rest are vegan friendly. The fries were good, but they could have been better. They might have been a bit overdone, a tiny mushy inside, but they were very crispy on the outside. Oh whatever, they were still delicious.
Many of the sandwiches can be veganated. That is my new word I just made up. I like it. Anyway, the savory crepes are mostly meat based. The sweet crepes are mostly vegan just so long as you leave the whipped cream out. Nutella is NOT vegan, so sadly that crepe is off the list. The Claudel Crepe sounds amazing with caramelized apples, cinnamon, almonds. I am pretty sure caramelized apples involve butter somehow...hmmmm. The Daum is roasted pineapple, shaved coconut, brown sugar and toasted almonds.
I will be back for sure. See you in the valley for some fries.

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