Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sheese FINALLY! & other fun

I just discovered that Sheese is finally available on-line through the Food Fight website. What is Sheese? WELL, its only the most talked about cheese substitute in the veg community, featured in 6 flavors like Blue (supposedly something to bow down to), Gouda, various cheddars, Mozzarella, and Cheddar and Chives. I am ordering some asap, I promise to report back to you on the truth of these claims that Sheese is what we all have been waiting for. By the way, the nutritional information bodes well. This product is hydrogenated oil free and features natural ingredients.

Friday, my husband, sis and her man (my bro in-law) decided to go to dinner at Meze's restaurant in the marina district of San Francisco. The service was notably friendly and patient, but the food was seriously a perplexing tasteless experience. Usually vegans and meat eaters can co-exist well at Greek restaurants. Meze's is a casual place with a good Greek wine list (being pregnant I couldn't enjoy but the rest of the crew did) and the place was actually packed. We ordered a vegetarian meze plate first. Babaganoush, dolmas, feta cheese, some greens and beets, and spanikopita arrived nicely on a platter. I only ate the Baba and the Dolmas because of the absence of cheese but they were both on the sweet side. I thought that was odd, but ate them anyway. Next, my husband ordered some fried smelt, which came with a white sauce that looked like a scoop of lemon sorbet on the plate. He looked confused because the smelt tasted like nothing with some unflavored batter dipped in some flavorless white condiment. Another dish came (I think it was cod) which was sooooo salty that it seemed like an accident. My brother in law attempted to enjoy a cold Greek beer that just tasted like bud light.
Maybe our unsettling experience at this restaurant was a reaction to any Greek food other than Kokkari in San Francisco near the Embarcadero. Parents of a good friend from college named George run Kokkari and know exactly how to serve up PERFECT mezes. Highly recommended for vegans or vegetarians, just be sure to ask if a dish comes with cheese. Sometimes it sneaks in as a garnish of sorts. The pitas are to die for and dang, just the first course will fill you up! You will need to plan ahead financially and schedule-wise because a reservation is definitely necessary. Its a hot spot!

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