Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weird Fish Restaurant in SF RULES!

Last night we oiled up our insides at Weird Fish where VEGANS, VEGETARIANS and FISHY folk can mingle and enjoy exciting dishes. As a vegan, I must admit when there is something fried on a menu AND it happens to be animal free I get super excited. For example, we ordered fried YO YO's as an appetizer, which are fried pickles! Oh so tasty and unique. I had a hard time choosing between the sweet potato taco with the option of ALMOND CHEESE as a topping with rice and beans OR the fried, marinated tofu OR the Po' Boy (portabello slices fried with slaw and some cocktail sauce.) I decided on the po' boy without slaw (it had some mayo in it) and the roll and sauce was so tasty that I didn't miss the slaw much. I am sure it tasted even better with it though. I also ordered a side of fries (half russets, half sweet potato) which were perfectly salted and crispy. As a pregnant lady, I have to pass on the tempting wine/beer list but the ginger lemonade tasted very lemony and not so ginger-y which I like. Not too sweet, not too sour, it was a perfect complement to the salty, deliciously fried food.
I cannot express how nice it is to have more than one choice of items on a menu to be thrilled about. I totally bypassed the salad section and didn't even have to consider those to get something that fit my dietary needs. I love salad, don't get me wrong, but sometimes on a cold ass night in San Francisco, all you want is warm comfort food served by super nice people that are not too pushy or sassy. The host, under lots of pressure, brought the waiting folk drinks and didn't seem at all stressed about the number of people waiting to get in outnumbering the total number of tables inside!! The hostess I called earlier that night was down to earth, really great....I felt like I was talking to a friend whose house I was coming to later on for dinner!
The tables are beautiful, the decor is simple and nautical but elegant at the same time. The bathroom is cute and the sign out front with the horse/fishmaid is oh so mystical. The menu's are well done, easy to read and informative as they alert customers of the sustainable methods practiced by Weird Fish. Organic and local foods are used to provide customers with the best tasting food of the season. YAY! Go check it out:
WEIRD FISH, 2193 Mission St., San Francisco,CA,94110
Oh, and you can call ahead to put your name on a list either 20 minutes ahead of time (for 2) or about 35 minutes for a table of reservations though.

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