Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cow or Pig, NOT Beef or Ham


Adopt a Sanctuary Cow or a Pig Today and Receive the Candle Cafe Cookbook!
This holiday season, help spread compassion by participating in Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Farm Animal Project! Whether you are sponsoring an animal for yourself, or giving the gift of sponsorship to a friend or loved one, you will be helping to support a rescued farm animal in need. Plus, for a limited time only, if you sponsor a pig or a cow, you will receive the much-loved Candle Cafe Cookbook as part of your benefits package!
To order, click here or contact FARM SANCTUARY at 607-583-2225 ext. 225, or email

The CANDLE CAFE RULES! Its in NYC, I usually try to go whenever I am in the area. Their dishes are so satisfying and they have a huge variety of top notch stuff. Some of the best vegan food I have ever had. So sponsor an animal and get the cookbook for nuthin!

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