Thursday, November 16, 2006

I brought this on myself....

I must admit I became very irritated today by the constant onslaught of animal/environmentally related e-mails. Certainly I end up on these e-mailing lists because I have donated money before or signed up to find out about the latest catastrophes in the animal world in hopes of educating myself. But for the sake of me caring any longer, please figure out that 10 emails a day from different causes is ridiculous. For example, at 11am came a "cute pet offer" from the Humane Society involving the purchase of some super LAME gifts for the holidays from their website. If I buy someone a membership to the Humane Society, I get a "darling" little plush dog or cat in a carrier. If someone sent this to me, I think I would either assume it was from my mother in law or that they were completely insane. I also received an update from Worldwatch Institute at 10:47 am regarding the decline in species of seafood by 2048....I think I read the same article about 5 times already earlier this week. Then, we have arriving early this morning, an offer to buy a unique gift that saves the baby seals. The International Fund for Animal Welfare promises that they offer "a price for every budget." What they don't realize is that they send me emails daily for money! Around 8am this morning I received an email from the Union of Concerned Scientists asking me to ask congress for money to protect ash trees. Now, I must give them credit, they are not asking for ANY money from me (just the government), just for participation and they also are presenting something I have NEVER even heard of whether its a seriously pressing issue or not. Susan Murray from Oceana chimed in at 1:30pm because she wants me to refuse to let big oil destroy America's oceans. Again, no money, just a petition but HELL, I have GOT to do some strategic unsubscribing to avoid frustration on a daily basis. Its not the fault of these organizations, I know they need money from somewhere. Between the mailings about the abused horses, abandoned animals, korea's dog eating, etc, I think I should keep my email sanity in check before I have to start asking for money via your computer for my psychiatric bills.
This year my efforts are going to the Farm Sanctuary where my best friend Michelle and I are volunteering at the CELEBRATION for the TURKEYS. This is a celebration of the turkey as a loving, sweet and beautiful animal instead of a dead one on the dinner table for a tryptophanatic America. My husband I sponsored a pig at the Farm Sactuary earlier this year who seems to favor eating apples and bagels. Just as I choose not to eat meat, I choose to give to one or two causes per year. I sign hundreds of petitions per year. I delete MILLIONS of emails per year. I suppose this is going to be my New Years Resolution.....the unsubscriber.

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