Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breakfast - A Habit

Call me boring but I think breakfast is a "serial" behavior. I tend to eat the same damn thing each morning for months on end before I move on to something else. Lately, since I am pregnant and need something immediately in my stomach upon waking, I make a smoothie for my husband and I. I thought I'd share this easy recipe for anyone else looking for a healthy, semi-sweet treat in the a.m. to break the monotony. (If you are repeat offender with morning meals)
In a blender, pour a cup of soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, whatever milk you desire. Add a big scoop of rice protein powder (at whole foods, its vegan and there is no soy in it) and one tablespoon of flax powder. I add about 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon too. Blend that up first. Add roughly 1 cup of frozen fruit. My favorites are cherries, blueberries, strawberries. You can also add half of a banana if you need it sweeter, and blend it with the liquids before you add the frozen fruit.
Really, this smoothie is super easy and tasty without making you feel like you are ingesting ice cream for breakfast. Another favorite I think I ate for months is oatmeal. Dang, you can make oatmeal sweet OR savory.
My mom is a kick. I think she ate cinnamon toast every morning for maybe 15 years. She has perfected it. First, she takes some bread and toasts it to perfection. Second, she applies the butter so every part of that toast is evenly coated and ready to soak up the shakes of cinnamon and sugar which appear to be an art piece in the making. She is an artist, after all.
My dad makes a menagerie of ingredients in different forms. He loves to mix oatmeal or healthy hot cereals with a variety of nuts and dried fruits OR have a scramble of sorts with lots of veggies and spice.

I think I may be more like my dad when it comes to eating in the a.m. I like a hearty meal that usually keeps my stomach silent until around 11 or so. If she could survive on sweets alone, mom would eat a breakfast of cocoa puffs, some waffles for breakfast with fruit on top (hold the whipped cream), and for dinner, a block of chocolate. Fair trade dark chocolate of course.

Old habits die hard, but since I chose to follow a vegan lifestyle, some habits had to die while others were born. I eat healthier than anyone I know only because I truly enjoy eating organic, local, fresh food. I try to make functioning for my physical self as easy as possible and healthy, nutritious and satisfying food is great place to start.

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