Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fish Ranch

Growing up in the East Bay (in relation to San Francisco) I was always so confused by this exit off the freeway in Berkeley called "Fish Ranch Road." Now I know that Berkeley in its activist ways was just warning us of the trouble to come. 60 minutes featured the grim future of Blue fin Tuna. The fattier the better, these big blues have become a commodity and is featured in your local GROSS-ery stores. Sushi is big business. Even the Mitsubishi's are in the sushi biz, buying up boatloads of blue fins as they come into shore.
Basically, fish are even falling victim to factory farming. The insatiable need for this fish at sushi restaurants has created a demand that can no longer be met. Now, "fish ranches" have been developed to keep the fish fattened up with sardines, then reeled in to be flash frozen in -75 degree Fahrenheit, sawed up into chunks and served up for $.50 at some crap sushi restaurants.
Just wait friends, soon enough meat and fish and animal products will come at a premium, not .5o cents for 2 slices of a fish's body on vinegar/sugar rice. I will keep hoping for that day to come....I suppose I should write it down in light of THE SECRET.

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