Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lets Go Halfsies

Almost every week, I end up throwing out food that goes bad as a result of my cooking for two. I find it frustrating that stores cannot figure out that a number of their customers are single folks or families of 2. I end up buying a huge bushel of parsley instead of the 2 teaspoons the recipe calls for. Same with cilantro and celery. DAMN that celery, it drives me nuts how much I have to toss out. I contemplated composting, but I am not sure what to use it for. What do I do with compost when its done doing its thing? I know I could just look it up on the internet, I will have to do that today after this post. Please, Whole Foods, could you consider selling smaller loaves of bread, smaller bunches of herbs, half containers of liquids like soy milk (which goes bad after 1 week of being opened, I never end up using it all) and smaller boxes of cereal. I guarantee this would revolutionize the supermarket business. People would shop more often if they buy smaller quantities of food items and I would even be willing to pay more for the extra effort it takes to produce/ design the new containers. Mark my words, this is the next big thing like how magazines and newspapers have followed this trend of smaller sizes to be more eco-conscious. Good stuff comes in small packages after all!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your articles! For once I don't agree 100% though...I see your point that there is a need for smaller portion to be sold, but the problem is that this leads to greater waste, as more packaging tends to be used for multiple little packets than for one larger one.
A lot of things can be frozen (like bread, for example)

Christy said...

Hi there. Saw your comment on Ecorazzi. You MUST get Evert Fresh Green Bags sold at WF or online. They have saved my produce and reduced my waste. I swear by these bags. I've had kale and herbs stay fresh in these bags for up to 2 weeks (not that I promote this, it is best to eat produces fresh:)

And, thanks for the vegan child trend article!!