Sunday, December 30, 2007

Know the ICKY from A-Z for FREE!

GOOD NEWS for youz VEGANS! I am sure you have an Ipod already OR you were given one for Christmas or Hanukkah, so go ahead and download a list of animal derived ingredients for FREE. All you do is go HERE and copy it to your Ipod. Now you can be in the know AND rock out at the grocery store.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

After hearing about this book and feeling like the last person on earth to read it, I tracked down a copy from one of my fellow Moms. Ready for my spiritual journey to begin all snuggled in my bed, I found myself understanding her words which resulted in my having great respect for her easy-going attitude towards views on "God" and other controversial topics. She wasn't trying to be politically correct or overly dramatic to make a point. I found her tone refreshing. UNTIL, I got to the page about her desire to eat VEAL in Italy.
I had a really hard time accepting Ms. Gilbert's story about a spiritual journey with much introspection after reading her desire to eat veal on the way. EVERYONE knows the cruelty involved in raising veal. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, is another story.
Having respect for animals is an important part in creating harmony in your life. If you believe that God is me, you, everyone....doesn't that include the chicken you are eating and your pet dog? Studies on violent offenders frequently reveal abuse of animals earlier in life. Learning to love all of Earth's creatures is the first step to having love for yourself.
I couldn't go on after reading that sentence. Ms. Gilbert's credibility is lost in a simple four letter word starting with a V.
To read more on the sadness of raising veal read this.